The issue isn’t doing the work. The issue is getting yourself to start doing the work. Once this lockdown nightmare started, I knew I had to make a choice – I could either continue my workouts somehow, or I could go live in the fridge and be 50 pounds heavier when it ended. That’s where today’s guest comes in. Meet Certified Personal Trainer Mitch Chappell, who’s going to talk about keeping your motivation to exercise and stay healthy, no matter what the universe throws at you. He’ll give you sure-fire ways to get out of bed and exercise, with tips for things you can do at home with no equipment whatsoever. He’ll talk motivation, performance, and mental fitness, as well. Join us at 1:30pm today!

“Hit the ground running with the habits you are building at this time. You have no more excuses.”

– Mitch Chappell


April 27. Peter: And we are live and yeah, we are definitely live. See how the bird just stopped. Right. As we went live, I knew that would happen. Birds, respect, birds, respect this birds 

Peter: now guys. How you doing? I am here with another 20 minutes in lockdown podcast. This time, actually video guests.

I guess this time I’m here with my good friend. Trainer when he’s my good friend. He’s not training with me. He’s training me. He’s just an asshole. His name is Mitch chapel. Mitch thing. Thank you for taking the time today. I appreciate it. That’s the second time I’ve seen today, first time was I was out of breath and you were teaching me a kettlebell the right way to care about swings.

And I don’t ever have to get a little disectomy now because you, we took care of that in one of the, one of the mistakes I made. So that was good. Alright. Sean’s joining us from Hong Kong. Hey Sean. Cool. So it was great to see you again, man. You are currently in Florida, but when we are not in the middle of a global pandemic, you are in, uh, New York city.

And you are a trainer at Equinox in Hudson yards, 

 Mitch Chappell: correct? Yeah. Yup. That’s 

Peter: just how I found you. How’d you how’d you start a training. What got you into this to begin with? 

 Mitch Chappell: Oh man. Um, I needed a job out of high school and I went to the gym a lot and I actually looked in the back of a magazine that said some certification for Penn foster.

Um, and I was like, I’ll try that out. And then got my certification. And then I actually was. At a bar of all places. And this girl was like, yeah, everybody just got fired. All the trainers got fired at my gym for selling steroids. So, so there’s, there’s a open position. Their 

Peter: premise that was not equal, right?


 Mitch Chappell: that was not even option. No. And actually my first day, uh, my shift started at 7:00 AM and I totally showed the guy up and he called me nonstop until I picked up the phone and I was like, what do you want? And. Uh, he was like, so you’re not coming to work. And I was like, I dunno, this is early. And he’s like, just get, get in here.

And if it wasn’t for him doing that, I probably wouldn’t have, uh, continued, you know, like he could have just been like, no, but he, he was nice enough to kind of let me adapt into it. Cause I was totally in love with it. Yeah. Yeah. So now it’s, uh, 10, 11, maybe 12 years later. 

Peter: I mean, it’s clear from our training that you, you do enjoy what you do and it’s not, you know, it’s not just the money thing for you.

You really enjoy, uh, changing people, which, you know, which phase the question. So, so when I started working out at Equinox, um, they asked me if I wanted to try personal training. I said, yes, I said, but I only want to try. I need to try it with someone who gets my schedule. Right. So I want to be able to work out with someone at 5:00 AM.

And if you don’t have any way at 5:00 AM, which I doubt you do. I, you know, I’m not going to do personal training and they’re like, Oh, we have this guy, Mitch. And I was shocked that someone was, was willing to do a 5:00 AM workout with me because that’s, I mean, that’s 6:00 AM to get even five 30. He kind of had a 5:00 AM is, is, but you know, what I’ve noticed is that is that you are, you’re never late.

Right. And you live, you don’t live in the city, you live out out of the city, one of the borrows and you’re always on time. And so that tells me, you know, and that told me a lot about, about sort of your work ethic and, and your accountability, which is really why you go to the gym. Right. I can learn all the shit that you teach me.

Maybe not the best way, but I can probably learn it from YouTube. I go to the gym because if I don’t have the accountability of having to meet you, I probably won’t do 

 Mitch Chappell: it a hundred percent. A hundred percent. Yeah. Right. Yeah. There’s no, there’s no excuse anymore for not knowing what to do. Um, but there’s definitely, you know, you start to come up with other things like you can, you can find the information out there everywhere.

Um, but it’s just like actually doing it. So that’s, that’s huge that it realized too. 

Peter: So Marjorie writes, what, if you exercise and eat all the snacks? We will definitely talk about that Marjorie because there are the guys from my 600 pound life. I’m pretty sure we’re going to be calling you the producer to be calling me before this is, uh, this corn is over, but, um, tell me, so, so Rob, Rob says, okay, perfect question.

Rob says, what’s up guys helped me break the funk. Right? So what do we do about, what do we do about the fact that our lives, at least in New York city? Right. We’re looking at, we’re looking at this until at least middle of summer, if not into summer or longer. Right. And you got people who, you know, like everything else, you start off with the best intentions.

But two, three, four weeks into this, we’re sitting here, nothing changes the same view, same kitchen table, right? We’re not what outside the food gets delivered. It’s not the best way. How do we get, how do we get that motivation back? Not everyone can, especially in this economy now a 40, a personal trainer is difficult.

Right? What can people do? To just what’s the kick in the ass, 88. 

 Mitch Chappell: I think the very first part of it is your purse is perspective, right? So kind of one of the main excuses, uh, that people have before, this is not having enough time. Right? So now all of a sudden that no longer becomes an excuse. So you can actually look at this as like a pause on the entire world that gives you time.

Right? So now you actually have the world by the balls and, you know, in a way, because you have all the time in the world, but that doesn’t necessarily mean. So even for, for myself now I have all the time in the world, but, you know, I didn’t have a gym or an atmosphere that was forcing me to like work out.

So it was like, Oh, I don’t really have to write, but I tried to tell myself that this is a good time to start to build really positive habits so that when the world does start to come back online, I’m hitting the ground running. Uh, with more habits that I built during this time. So that’s my motivation to try to really keep, like, start to build, um, in things now.

And it’s tough to do it, but it, you know, it’s really, if you look at it as a way as like this is a gift, then you can kind of start to take advantage of it and have gratitude towards just life in general, 

Peter: you know? So use this time to build habits. Now, a lot of people I could tell you that my comments are gonna explode in about three seconds with, Oh, sure.

Mike’s gonna have to have nice, nice to have time. I run out, you know, I’m like I have to get my kids in homeschool and this and that. And then they get, and I get that I’m in the same boat. I, this, this, uh, you know, I, right now she’s duct taped to the wall because otherwise she could she’d come in a directors, but, um, You know, what is the, so even if people talk about that in terms of timing, right.

You know? Yeah. Some people do have two hours, three hours, most of us. Don’t right. Yeah. So what can someone do? What can someone do in 30 minutes? Okay. And yes, to answer all the questions. Yes. I got bored this weekend and dyed my hair, dark red slash purple. All right. Deal with it. Um, what is, what can someone do in 30 minutes?

Right? That they, that if they just get up to the controller or they have the 30 minute break, what can they do to get in a workout? 

 Mitch Chappell: Um, so, I mean, it can be super civil, it can just be doing squats, like we’ve done, right? Like a lot of the warmup moves that we’ve done super simple stuff. Um, anything really like, if, if it’s something that you can do that you will be attracted to go back to versus just killing yourself and then, you know, and if you crush yourself, like, I mean, I crush it.

Right. But that’s, that’s a little bit different. Um, but. For, for myself. When I first started getting started with something it’s I want to make it something almost enjoyable so that I w I’m more inclined to go back to it versus just trying to crush myself and kill myself and making it seem like I have to get, you know, through months worth of workouts in one half hour, it could just be a start, you know, as long as you’re getting started, getting the ball rolling.

And then eventually you’ll start to realize that you start to make more time for yourself because it might be something that you enjoy maybe. 

Peter: And you know, one of the things that I noticed is that I personally love, I love the, um, the, uh, the soreness that comes from a hard workout. I know that I’ve worked hard.

I know that I’ve done something, but it doesn’t necessarily have to be that right. In some cases it can be simple. As you know, you have 20 minutes go for a walk, put on your mask. 

 Mitch Chappell: Yeah, you 

Peter: take your Parral 

 Mitch Chappell: and go 

Peter: for a walk. You know, the city is so unbelievably close right now that I was, I did that 14 mile walk the other day.

I maybe encountered like 10 people, the entire walk, which is it’s like, it’s like living high on legend, but you, you have the ability to do that. So even something as simple as starting there, 

 Mitch Chappell: right? Yeah. A hundred percent. Yeah. It’s just all. Um, so a lot of times people will be like, you know, I want to eat healthy.

Right. So it’s like, alright, I want to eat healthy. But what goes into eating healthy? It’s like, I want to work out, but what goes into working out? So what actions can you take that will actually go into working out? So just, I mean, consistency is probably the number one thing that you can do as an action.

So if you’re doing something that kills you, then you’re not going to want it even, you’re not even gonna want to do that. So some, it could be super simple. 

Peter: You get consistency 

 Mitch Chappell: by starting simple. Yeah. Simple. Yeah. That’s it simple, simple. And it doesn’t, you know, because we always feel like. On TV. There’s like insanity workout.

Oh, you makes you lose. There’s you know, um, what’s the, where you lose all this weight super quick and all this, like every, and then that programs us to think that that’s the way that it has to be, but it’s not, 

Peter: well, that’s the thing, you know, it’s not like you have to repeat them. Cool. 

 Mitch Chappell: Yeah. Yeah. 

Peter: You might drop, you might drop 20 pounds in a month, but then if you stop, it’s going to come back.

 Mitch Chappell: Yeah, 

Peter: totally shit. I’m living proof of that, but. You know, you have to make sure that you’re, you’re sticking around in such a way that you want to stick around. Yeah. What do you, what do you tell people in terms of eating? Because right now, you know, I think a lot of us are gravitating between the living room and the fridge and the bedroom and that’s it.

Right. It’s a lot easier if it’s surprisingly, it’s easier to eat healthier when you’re at work. 

 Mitch Chappell: Yeah. Totally. One thing I’m going to say right off the bat that’s been saving me is frozen grapes. I just 

Peter: love him. 

 Mitch Chappell: Love him. So like, I’ll go. And I was like, man, I, I ha I love cookies. Right. But I have frozen grapes in the, so I don’t buy the cookies cause anything that I buy, I know I’m going to eat right.

Either I’m going to eat it now or I’m gonna eat it later, but it’s going to be eaten. Cause I’m not going to throw it away. Or somebody close to me is going to eat it. So that’s, that’s the, you know, try not to buy and let that stuff come into. My house is probably the number one. And I know with kids that’s tough.

Right. Um, but. The one thing has been is frozen grapes. And then, um, just again, like start, like being able to prep it meal, like cook your stuff. And, but that takes a skill. So if you, if you want to cook yourself, then you have to go food shopping for yourself, or you have to order it online, which is like, Oh, I want to eat healthy, but you don’t realize that it takes, you know, going to the store, which it seems so simple.

But, um, Not everybody really kind of has it right away. So make sure you’re buying the right stuff and actually make the time to buy stuff. 

Peter: That’s yeah, that’s a key. And I think that one of the things you could do with the online ordering, which has exploded now, and I’ve been using fresh direct for years, but one of the coolest things about, about online ordering is that you can create an order and then just repeat it every week.

So if you get the basics in there, it’s nothing you like skinless chicken, right? Salmon, whatever, whatever it is, reorder, whatever you order and you’re done, it takes 30 seconds every week. And the food shows up. Yeah. What frozen cotton candy grapes. Do you see that, that, that, that comment there you ever heard of those?

 Mitch Chappell: Yeah, 

Peter: I think just great, great like green grapes. I hope 

 Mitch Chappell: so. 

Peter: Yeah. I’m imagining eating frozen cotton candy would be really good and not healthy at all. So I’d love to know what frozen cotton candy grapes are. Rob, leave a comment, let us know. But, um, Vicky Smith says she threw away the rest of the Eastern shore.

Easter candy handle chocolates. If you keep it in the house, you’re going to eat it. 

 Mitch Chappell: Yeah. A hundred percent. 

Peter: So someone, someone listens to heavy cream, Gavin says heavy cream. Yes. Agreed. Someone says, so someone listened to this and they say, okay, tomorrow I’m gonna make a change. Right. I’m going to start, I’ll do 30 minutes of whatever.

What do you recommend they do? Is it, is 

 Mitch Chappell: it, is it 

Peter: something as simple as starting to walk around the block for 30 

 Mitch Chappell: minutes? Absolutely. Yeah. If it’s been nothing than just making the time for it to go forward and starting to just allocate time for actual physical movement. And realizing the time that goes into that is look, you’ve got to mentally prepare yourself beforehand, right.

Because if you’re not, if, if anything comes up and you’re not used to it, you’re like, Oh, well I’m tired, so I’m not going to do that. So just mentally preparing to be able to do that would be, is more of the first parts of it. Um, and then, yeah, I mean, as simple as that, or you get up, you do, you know, 20 squats, like little tiny things, and you just start to build on that.

Even if we, because. Less than a half an hour. Cause then it’s all right. Well, it took me 15 minutes to actually gain the mental encouragement to do the 20 squats. I did 20 squats, my knee cracked, and now I don’t really want to do it anymore or something happened. Okay, fine. So then today you’re done, but then tomorrow we’ll do it again.

Peter: Does it help too? Cause it helped to write it down. I find that writing it down and, or sharing what I’m gonna do with a friend the night before tends to get me out of bed. Add more than a, if not. 

 Mitch Chappell: Absolutely. Yeah. Cause you’re reviewing it in your head. It’s kind of like a little bit of a meditation.

Peter: Accountability. Most definitely. We’ll talk about some of your favorite exercises that people can do in their houses. You know, not, not, uh, a at a gym. 

 Mitch Chappell: So first off the bat, I liked it. Like we’ve done, we’ve done as many squats as you could in a minute. Right. And then we’ve done as many pushups as you could in a minute, 

Peter: and then Vietnam flashbacks.

 Mitch Chappell: Right. And it could be, it could be, I think. You know, we’ve done the modified pushups. Um, it could be 30, right? So we try to aim for somewhere around 30. Um, and then also we do the side planks, which are awesome. Just trying to get like the side core involved planks, mountain climbers, all that. Um, well, you know, our single leg, dead lifts, which are my favorite exercise of all time, which is just balancing on one foot, going down and touching your other foot.

Uh, and then coming back up. But that requires some balance and some stability, but there’s a whole bunch of mighty weight stuff that you could find. You know, there’s Instagram, Facebook, everything is exploding right now with add homework. If you do chair workouts, you can do, there’s so much information on that stuff right there.

It’s just actually doing it. 

Peter: I believe that. Tell me about your diet other than, other than your grapes. What do you, what do you eat on a regular basis to stay at? Like you’re what, like 0.08% of body fat. 

 Mitch Chappell: Uh, huh. Um, my, one of my main roles has always been to try and get as much protein in every meal, as much as I possibly can.

Right. Because your body will actually convert that protein into the necessary carbs that you need. And then if you don’t actually have as much carbs in your meals, if you have a cheek, which is usually the cheats are usually higher in carbs, like if I eat all chicken for lunch and then I cheat and I have cookies later.

Then that kind of fall upsets my balance. So I’m trying to get, make sure I get as much protein in every meal, as I possibly can. I’m realizing how unsatisfying cereal is cereal. And then 10 minutes later, I want cereal again. So I’m trying to stay away from those processed refined carbs that will like go to body fat, instant, almost 

Peter: body fat, but they’re also, um, you know, they give you a dopamine hit.

But it only lasts about 20 minutes. Then you want another dope mean hits. You went up. That’s how you wind up finishing a bag of cereal and then hate yourself. 

 Mitch Chappell: Yeah, yeah. 

Peter: Yeah. What do you say when someone, uh, talks about, uh, when someone has a failure? Like when someone eats, you know, I mean, I hate when I order, um, you know, steamed broccoli for the diner and it shows up as a pizza and ate the entire pizza.

So what do you say to someone, you know, when they, when they, when they’ve had that entire pizza night and they need to get back on the horse the next day, 

 Mitch Chappell: Um, so that, I mean, it’s just, it’s a miss, it’s not necessarily a failure. Right. But it’s just, it’s an opportunity to use that as motivation to not do that again tomorrow.

Right. So it’s actually kind of motivating for me when I, when I go off my diet, because now I know I’m going to try to work out that much harder, or I’m going to try to eat that much healthier. Um, but I’m going to remember it, but I’m not going to feel bad about it, but I’m going to use it as motivation to help me try to, um, start on a better track.

Peter: Do you believe the term you cannot train a bad diet? 

 Mitch Chappell: I dabbled with it for sure. Um, it depends on how bad it is. It depends on, I mean, I don’t believe that there is a bad diet, but there are definitely diets that will prevent you from seeing different types of results. So if your results. If your, if your goal is to drop body fat percentage and we’re down in pizza and stereo is going to be tough for sure.

Um, but it depends on what the goal is and, and, you know, there’s ways to start at set, to hone in on exactly how many calories they’re coming in and then dividing up those calories into macronutrients and figuring out that stuff. But in the beginning, it’s just like, Trying to stay away from as much refined stuff as possible and try to bring in as much food as possible.

Peter: I’ve heard that I’ve heard the term a shop around the edges of the supermarket 

 Mitch Chappell: a hundred percent, a hundred percent, a hundred, 

Peter: because the middle of the aisle is where all the crap is. 

 Mitch Chappell: Yeah. A thousand percent. Yeah. Cool. 

Peter: How can people find you if they have Instagram? 

 Mitch Chappell: Yeah, we can, uh, Instagram is probably the best one is, um, the measure of facts, right.

With those little underscores 

Peter: it’s at the Mitchell connect, right? Yep. 

 Mitch Chappell: The underscore niche, John, the score 

Peter: I’ll post that on Facebook. 

 Mitch Chappell: Awesome. Yeah. 

Peter: Cool. Mitch, thank you so much. I do appreciate it. I will see you Wednesday at 5:30 AM as always. But guys, thank you for watching and, uh, do something you like.

Oh, Rob, actually really your question, Rob Robin’s question. Robbed down any way to make it a video game. Yes. I will send a shout out to, um, now I’m forgetting the name of the app. Hang on. I have it on my phone. I use it on my it’s on my phone. It’s you buy it? It’s a, uh, it’s called stealth fitness, Google stuff, fitness and stuff.

That is what they, they sell a plank board. Right. That’s a board on a ball that, you know, you would do plank on you’d lie on, put your arms up and you play. But it also, it comes with video games on your phone. So you attach the phone, you put the phone in this little holder that they have on the plank board.

And you’re, instead of doing planks, you’re like, you know, shooting, fighting robots or steering through planets or whatever. And it, it, you know, it helps. And all of a sudden I could do like a three minute. Um, you know, playing because I’m not, it’s not really plank in my mind, my mind I’m playing with Pac-Man or something.

So yeah. Recommend something like that. And also you can’t go on with kettlebells, check out fringe, fringe, for phenomenal kettlebells. They have it in stock. That’s where I got mine. And, uh, yeah, so, so, so, so good stuff. Thank you, Kelly. I appreciate your comment, thankfully info and that guys, thank you for watching.

I hope this was useful and we’ll do another one. We’ll also have a website coming up in a few days or a week or so called 20, 20, 20 minutes in lockdown. And we’ll just do special guests, probably like two or three times a week, even once we’re not locked down. So Mitch as always, I appreciate seeing you.

Thank you for taking the time. Enjoy, enjoy your sunny warm day in Florida. Got to hate you and I will see you on Wednesday. All 

 Mitch Chappell: right. Thanks for watching guys. 

Peter: Bye bye.

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