Travis Speegle’s been challenged on his way to success in the online marketing world and one thing’s been constant- generosity. Even in the toughest moments. His story will make you smile and remind you of the importance of giving even when you think you don’t have anything to give.

” It’s all, I mean, it’s all about human connection and I mean it, especially right now. Like it’s such a challenging thing because we’ve been disconnected physically and in a much different way than we ever have. And still, business is about those same human connections, and it’s also giving; like none of this is separate, it’s all integrated. And so connecting, giving, and business, they’re all, they’re all the same thing”.

– Travis Speegle


So it’s a Friday May 29th for anyone that needs to know, or it needs a reminder. It could be, I saw a meme, it was a two, two Sunday or one Wednesday or something like this, but it actually is Friday and I’m 20 minutes and locked down. And I have Travis Spiegel with me today, and this is kind of awesome. Um, he is.

One of the world’s leading online marketing experts. Um, and you think he’s extremely humble. So he’ll never tell you that. I’ll just, I’ll just say it I’ll out him. Um, but he also is living the dream. He’s coming to you from Puerto Rico. He’s gotta be challenged. He loves to surf and he is the quintessential I’m ShopRunner that is, has just gone all the way and figured it all out.

Um, but we’re not going to talk about any of that today. I think much to his relief. We’re not gonna talk about Facebook ads. We’re not going to talk about effectiveness of online marketing. Um, we’re going to do something even more. Awesome. And I can’t wait to share that with you. I can’t wait for him to share it with you anyway.

I’m Travis. Welcome. And just tell us a little bit about who you are and what you do for a living. Thank you. I don’t know. You probably said it. I mean, you were very generous with the introduction. Um, I am sort of a digital marketer. I think of myself more as like a direct response junkie. Like I was, I was a little kid that, um, would turn off Saturday morning cartoons and watch an infomercial instead of like the making mayonnaise with the bamaxh mixer or something like that, you understand? Wow. Like, are you one of those way before the sham? Well, that thing existed in like in live demonstrations at, I dunno, swap meets or whatnot. Um, so yes, I had those. So I’ve always been sort of fascinated with, with, with that, but not necessarily the marketing, um, but the pieces of like those inventions, those things are really cool and they could like change somebody’s life or make their life better; um, and I always just thought that was really fascinating that there was like a lot of leverage in that. And, uh, and yeah, so it just has always been sort of in the background and. My, but everything beyond that was all, like, I always just wanted to live this really cool life and I wanted to help other people do the same thing. Cause I think we all have like way more potential than, than we even believe or that we think we can believe. And, uh, and so, yeah, that’s kinda like that’s, that’s what the whole, that’s what the whole path has been. It’s led me here because, well, this is kind of the easiest thing that I’ve figured out I could do and, um, live the life and help people do other cool stuff.

I love it. And I’m totally, totally going, gonna out you now because you’re, you’re far too humble. So I think like, you know, when I first met you and you introduced yourself, like. I’m Travis and please Facebook ads… tens of millions of dollars that you manage and budgets. And it’s just a highly impressive. So anyway, but you’ve really kind of had an amazing level of success. But before that, and actually when I first met you, you told a story and I haven’t forgotten that story. I told you that a couple of weeks ago it came up again. Um, It hasn’t always been easy for you. And I think a lot of us can relate and I think most of us are going through a moment where we have nothing left to give. Would you agree?

I would agree. I mean, this is it. This is it. This is challenging. And it’s challenging for me. And I, you know, and I’m usually way on top of this stuff because it’s kind of the way we, the way we built their life. Um, but yeah, I, and I really appreciate it. Like just being here to talk about that in particular. Um, because I have had like, my life is pretty successful. And today, today that there are a lot of accomplishments that you can, you can hang your hat on. And before and before, and as my career came up, I was always in sales and marketing and, um, different entrepreneurial businesses. And I always done fairly well. Like I, um, everything was good, but there was a time where things kind of went South. And I think as an entrepreneur, as entrepreneurs, we, we run into this often, um, Is is ups and downs. And so I’ve ridden through a few of those and then kind of everything, everything started to unravel. I didn’t, I felt like I was living somebody else’s life entirely. Um, and so I just kind of threw my hands up and I quit. I sold my, I sold my fitness business, um, and I just. I packed up and I moved to Mexico. I wanted to go just like, be a surfer. Um, and so I kinda, it kind of just little mini retirement. And after that I thought it won’t be any big deal. What I’m going to do is I’m just, I’ll come back, I’ll start a digital business, online marketing and, um, we’ll invite a beach. It’ll be cool. So I did that and I try to all of the things like everything, every rabbit hole, you can go down. I did all of the things that every one of them was kind of successful. Like it worked, but it didn’t pay the bills. And so just slowly but surely I didn’t recognize it. I was just running out. It was running out until, until one day when there was nothing left. And I finally had to tell my, well, my, my, my wife now finally had to just look her in the eye and say, um, we don’t have a place to live at the end of the month.

And so we moved into the car and we found, we found a way to make that work. Um, I found, uh, a family friend that let me. Let me live in their pool house in exchange for like, you know, rebuilding the property. So like labor in exchange for a place to live. So I was super, so, um, was able to make that pretty cool and started digging out, digging out of that, that situation; sort of doing whatever you could. And just as we were getting like justice, things were looking good. I remembered this day super vividly because. Things were things were good. There’s a little bit of money in the bank. Like we’re, we’re on our way out. Um, I grabbed Heidi and we’re like, I’m like, let’s go out to breakfast. We haven’t been out to breakfast in months. Um, so we head out, we head out the door and on our way to the car, I get this message on my phone from the bank. And it tells me that my bank account was overdrawn. And I thought, well, that’s just gotta be wrong. So I called the bank because no sense in going out to breakfast, if you don’t have any money, um, um, I called the bank and it turns out it turns out there was no money. No, they take an, all of the money out of my, out of that account. They drain the savings account. They take it everything based on some old corporate offset that was, according to business. So I literally had nothing left. I had $7 in my pocket, just enough gas to get into town, but not enough to get back home. And. You’re not as grocery shopping day two. So everything was wrong. Like there was nothing, there was, which is not where we are right now.

Everything is wrong. Like you talk about, go to breakfast. I don’t remember what going to breakfast is like even theoretically businesses is taken or your money’s not coming and all of it.

That’s exactly what we’re all feeling like at that moment, when I first heard you talk about this, I couldn’t really relate. And now I, you know, I am kind of relating and I think a lot of people watching this are too, we’re kind of all in it. And you know, and no matter what, like, just something as simple as going out, going out and getting a cup of coffee, like you just can’t do it.

And that was the case. That was the case. Then. And when you said, okay, I’ve got like, there’s nothing in the bank. There’s nothing, there’s nowhere to go. I’m not sure if I asked where to live. Um, you know, I’m doing labor instead of marketing, are you doing all of this stuff that I don’t necessarily want to do?

I mean, where do you go from there? Um, well at that point, well, first thing you do is freak out. Like you’ve tried to blame everybody that you can, and then, you know, you scream and you realize there’s nothing that I’m going to change here. So. I mean at that point, I sit down and cry. Of course that’s what you do. But somehow through somehow through that, and through those tiers, like there, like some messages start to come into your head and the weirdest thing I heard, or the weirdest thing that happened was the message that I got was wasn’t really like a message. It was more like a voice. Um, it said you will give your way out of this.

I couldn’t, I couldn’t accept it. Like there was just nothing in me that believed that at all. Like, I have nothing left to give. I’m asking myself, having this weird conversation with myself and I wasn’t back then. I didn’t talk to myself. I might know, but it just kept going. It just kept coming. You will give your way out of this. You will give your way out of this. Um, and so I guess that sets up sort of serendipity, but. But a day or two later, Heidi comes to me and she shows me this woman that has this, um, this sort of beautiful message to share and website that just didn’t match. She’s like, man, there’s, she’s got, I mean, I’m talking like bestselling books on the bookshelf and things like that and stuff just didn’t, it didn’t make sense. And I thought, well, I’m not like a web designer or anything, but I can fix that. And so I, so that’s what I did is I tried it as I got in touch with her. And actually it took a lot of convincing, um, to convince her that I really didn’t want anything. Like I wasn’t trying to sell her anything. I didn’t want anything in return. I just wanted to help. Um, isn’t that amazing that nobody ever believes that when you want to give something, your help your value, it’s always like, well, what, you know, what do you want is the first response and, you know, getting over that and trying to get shit, it shouldn’t be that hard. It’s like selling free.

Yeah. And well, it’s because. There is this sort of nature. And there is like a, I mean, I guess we’re all skeptics because somebody there’s always something in it for you, or there was like people always. And generally it is like quite often there aren’t a lot of people that are just giving out of the pure joy of giving and there is a return and for all of us, when we do that is just that.

Um, so I think giving a super selfish, no matter what, um, I agree. That’s a big argument to be made, but I fully agree. Yeah. And if we’re honest, like there, there is return. So we, so we’re getting something in return. Not that that’s not, that’s not selfless, it’s not a great thing, but the only way that, and I should mention this, the way that I convinced her, that I really just wanted to give her, give it to her for free or to do this for her was, um, What’s that I taught, I actually told her the truth. I’m like, I was meditating and I just got this. It just told me that this is what I should do. And then all of a sudden she’s like, Oh, okay. Um, it totally made sense. Cause it was just, he was genuinely my character. It was genuinely what I needed to do and I was honest about it. And then it was, it was more easily believable, I suppose.

Um, So what happened after that? Like, did you just, did it just feel good or, you know, was it an immediate kind of revelation that you should be doing this more often? Or, I mean, what happened?

I don’t know that it was an immediate revelation, but it was, but it wasn’t immediately life-changing because all of a sudden, like, I felt like there was some value as soon as I started working on it. I mean, and I had nothing else to do so it’s while I was working on, um, it just, I felt better. And like, Oh, there is, there is some value here. I can do something. And that made a huge difference, but it also became the catalyst for everything that kept happening after that, which, um, just unexplainable, like unexplainably things got good, or at least headed in the right direction.

Um, No, I think good fortune, I think follows, you know, not only the brave, but the giving. And I think this is really relevant. I’m glad you’re telling this because so much, so many of us feel this way in one way or another, whether it’s, we feel like we’re not being a good enough parent or a kid, because we’re trying to balance a million other things and stuck in this house. We feel we’re not being great to the people we work with. Because we can’t give all of ourselves or feel like, you know, do we have enough left for all the people we love after we try to just get through the day? And then even more than that, you know, just because everything has shifted, I get up every day and I’ve had these ups and downs in my industry, which is, which is a tourism. What am I doing every day? You know, what the hell do I do? I get up? And I’m, I’m helping everybody. I’m not really getting paid all the time, you know? And, and where do I go from here? You know? So I think those, those moments are, are really relevant.

Yeah. Well, and, and how’s that work and how’s that for you? Like when you’re giving, when you’re giving more of yourself, like, like what’s, what’s the path?

You know, it’s you get past the exhaustion and then you have those days or those hours, even where somebody just sends you an email and says, Oh my God, thank you so much for always putting a positive spin on something or just sending, you know, just being honest with how you’re feeling; cause lots of, you know, I do a lot of different newsletters and things like that. And I got to always share how I’m feeling like, Hey, this shit sucks. I feel pretty bad today, you know, or I feel good today, but I think when you give, um, You know, and it just comes naturally to most of us. We just have to allow it, I think, sometimes it’s a more, it’s a natural resistance because we’re mad about something else. I think when we allow ourselves to give, and also when we allow giving in to ourselves, you know, we accept help, which is also incredibly important and difficult. We just naturally feel better and nothing becomes a chore, you know, even in the hardest of times. And that’s at least how it is for me.

Yeah. I would agree. I mean, in that, in that situation, As things started getting better. It just felt like I started seeing the world differently. I started seeing every time, like the first thing had happened after I did that website is somebody showed up with, to pay me for projects that that had been, Oh, that I forgot about, and it was like 300 bucks or something, but it felt like I won a lottery. And more so than more so than I’ve thought about what that was doing. For me, it was just like, I felt like I had more to give, like I had had enough to give us and take care of our situation, but also like, there was just more to give and it set this, like, that was like this brilliant cascade of, Oh, every time I have something I have just a little bit more to give. So as my life got better, it was always like, Every little thing. And even if it was just a smile that you had to give that and you got to smile back, it’s like, Ooh, I’ve got another smile to you. But it just was exactly that kind of cascade of a perfect word. And, you know, I think, um, it’s interesting.

Cause I think we are giving so much and somebody has a question here. How does one balance time between giving to others and sustaining oneself? Cause like, Hey, that’s the important part, go to the oxygen mask theory and all of that. Cause there most days I’m a single parent, you know, primarily, you know, I mean in, for all intents and purposes rather, and I’m running a couple businesses are trying to put bandaids on them at the moment. You know, and sometimes you just come last, you know, and you have to find, I don’t know, maybe it’s candy crush at night or whatever the heck you need to do, but you need to find something for yourself. I mean, how, how do you balance when everything else is so highly critical at this moment where everything is so compressed?

Well, it’s, it is super challenging. Like it’s, it’s challenging. I see this thing as like the sort of philosophy that I came, that I developed out of this was the idea of give more and live more. And it’s sort of a cycle. And so giving yourself the ability to live more. And so that’s what I consider sort of self, self-giving. And then, and then you have more to give because you really, it is that oxygen put your mask on first. Like you have to take care of yourself, make sure you’re okay. Then go ahead and take care of, take care of others. Um, and sometimes it’s sometimes all you have left to give is a smile. Or a kind word or just a kind way of saying, no, I don’t have time for that right now, but I love you. Like, whatever that is. Like, they’re just, it’s just a little thing to where you still are giving your you’re always giving something. You’re always giving something that has value to the other side. Um, and I, that’s the way I approach business to which I just feel like I have to mention is that I always look at things not as like, give, give, give, ask. But just give, give, give, and then give people an opportunity to transact or exchange with you because they’re them giving, giving back in a sense, or having the opportunity to go deeper into a relationship through some, through some sort of transaction is also another gift. And it’s a, that’s a massive shift in thinking and in technique, but it’s been remarkably effective for just a better life.

I think he’s a tool, more authentic one just to, at the core happier. And I think when we’re so overwhelmed, I think that’s the last thing that we can think of. Sometimes you want what, you know, I’ve got everything today, but in business I would say, and I know you do, I know we weren’t going to talk business, but I think we have to, you know, exactly the stuff that you can do.

Sometimes isn’t rocket science. People want to deal with you because it’s, you. You know, not always the way you do it. Yeah. I’m certain it’s, you know, the way you do it is special, but you know, they have that relationship with you. And, and if you’re giving more, more value more time and, and not, you know, asking or not grumbling about it, you know, you’re going to be the one that not only they’re going to stick with, but they’re also going to refer to other people. And you know that with customer service too, you’ll, you’ll walk into a store and if something’s wrong, you want somebody to come over and fix it before it even became a problem, versus the pushback. I mean, I think we see all of these things, but sometimes it’s hard to remember them.

Absolutely. It’s all, I mean, it’s all about, it’s all about human connection and I mean, it, especially right now, like it’s such a challenging thing because we’ve been disconnected physically and in a much different way than we ever have. And it’s still business is about those same human connections. And it’s so giving, like none of this is separate, this is all like, it’s all integrated. And so connecting, giving, and, and business, they’re all, they’re all the same thing. And like, when I look at, when we talk about business and a lot of where my, you know, a lot of that for me is, is advertising with Facebook. Um, and one of the things that I have to go back to all the time is. convincing people that it’s a social medium, where this is really just about connecting with people. So if you tell your story and your connecting with people, their interests will change in your product or service.

Touch point. Yeah. And I know I’ve been talking about this a lot lately, offline, you know, like products that I never thought would exist. How do they resonate with people? Because they strike you with something that aggravates you and they solve a problem. And I think, you know, you’re, you’re in a unique position where you get to explain that to people. I think, you know, in, in a fun way to create a way. So how do we give ourselves out of this situation with this virus? Any words of wisdom? What do we do? Because all of us are out of ideas. We’re out of, you know, Like crafts, we’re out of projects. We’re out of all my closets in my house are neat. Like what, what do we do to get through the rest of this? Because this is, it’s just overwhelming.

It is indeed overwhelming, and this is different than any time ever. But what I think is most important is just stop trying so hard and recognizing that we always have something to give that you just, just a smile, like doing this right here, where we have just the ability to connect. And give just a little piece of reality, genuine human contact. Those things are remarkably valuable right now. And positivity, anything that shifts your attention from the news and the dread like, man, what a gift that is right now. And every piece of that puzzle, it’s like it’s attractive and that, and it creates more opportunity. And so like, I really just think if we can stop thinking about trying so hard to get out of it or to get ahead and just start being who we are and just genuinely doing what feels good. Like I think we’re going to be okay.

I like that. And I think if anything, it’s opened us up to things that we probably never thought we’d enjoy. But can make something out of, you know, and I know you can run my business. I’ve made a, a couple of shifts that I didn’t see coming, you know, and all of a sudden I’m like, alright, I kind of see the new track here and it, and it seems to be working.

I’m going to ask you, this is a final and I I’m sorry, but it puts you on the spot. But I know I can’t, I can’t, without asking as someone who has so much expertise as you do in the Facebook world and the age old question, what makes a good Facebook ad?

What makes the one thing, the one thing, one thing I will tell you, I will tell you there are two things. Um, the first thing is a really amazing offer. Like the most important thing is that you care about people and you’re doing something that actually changes their life in a, in a positive way. And the second thing that makes a great Facebook ad is a story that connects with people. If you can make, if there’s a story that connects the genuine, genuine you with another human and then your offer is, is a logical extension of that story, then you have a winner.

Thank you. 20 minutes has gone by very quickly, but I really appreciate this. This has been brilliant, and I know a lot of people will take some good giving ideas away from this, and it’s just always a good reminder. Yeah. Super good to see you. Thank you for that. Thanks for having me on. I’m glad you’re doing this, and this is a cool way to give your way out of give. Thanks for giving your time. We’ll talk to you soon.

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